Dan Shinnan is clearly a performer.  The vocalist, lyricist and harmonica player is known for his spontaneous and energetic performances and for his one of a kind voice.
His mother tried to push him into classical music when he was younger, but it didn’t catch on.  He was nearing the end of High School when he discovered the harmonica, one of his teachers bought it for him. 

“Before I picked up the harmonica, all I did was listen to Rock and Roll,” he said. “ACDC and Black Sabbath—all that stuff, I just love it.”  “Joe Cocker is one of my favorites,” he said.

Dan helped form Edmonton’s Boogie Patrol, who have captured the hearts of many blues fans who love their raw and gritty sound and their original  music. He can also be found working with Jimmy Guiboche and the Sleepers.


Sunday August 1st, 2021

7:00PM ~ Mainstage

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